Savannah Hanson: A new age of tenderness |

Savannah Hanson: A new age of tenderness

We are in an age of unparalleled evolution and revolution.

These times have lead to many people becoming seekers. Yet ironically, at some point on the path of awakening, we must come to the realization that all our seeking must be left behind. We must be found, embodied in the certainty of our Divinity.

Along the way, a favorite ego trick is the need for more. While sometimes the impulse for more may be mundane, even the spiritual seeker may become lost in the desire for more. More understanding, more love, more compassion, more forgiveness and more presence.

Each of these, while noble intentions, ultimately block awareness of the final understanding, we already are it, we already are whole, perfect and complete.

We learn to call upon a trust that may take every morsel of courage we have to hold on to it. Those that have stayed the course are discovering moments, hours, days, weeks, lifetimes of a peace that passes all understanding.

Our desires are signpost pointing the way to our passion and purpose. They are an inherent part of our humanity. The problem arises when it is never enough, when we are constantly struggling to get more money, prestige, friends, health, meaningful work, stuff, joy, belonging, acceptance.

Of course there is nothing wrong with desiring these things, the challenges comes from not being at peace with what is.

Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn calls it loving what is. The benefit of acceptance of what is arising in the present moment is gradually knowing that all that arises is what is meant to be.

This present moment gift may be unwelcomed, may bring discomfort or fear in its wake, yet it is in service to our awakening, to our unfolding as limitless beings of Divine humanity. It takes great awareness to come to this realization, especially in the wake of great suffering. Yet this realization is one of the ways out of suffering.

We are approaching the Aug. 8 Lion’s Gate followed by a lunar eclipse then a powerful total solar eclipse. While most remain unaware of why they feel more activated, stressed, edgy, nervous, depressed, the energy continues to ramp up. Feeling this intensity with no clue how to navigate these heightened frequencies can lead to greater distress. I continuously hear of people in the hospital, having accidents, family dramas.

These times require us to become conscious.

As the cycle of ego unraveling unfolds, it is easy to blame ourselves for our misfortunes. Yet they are gifts pointing the way to a new awareness and understanding.

A common fear is that the suffering and challenges will never end. Yet I am hearing from many of my fellow love revolutionaries of a new peace, joy, celebration, expansion that is the blessing of having the courage to face and move through the ring of fear, feeling all of what arises in the body, while be willing to let the ego unraveling unfold.

We learn to call upon a trust that may take every morsel of courage we have to hold on to it. Those that have stayed the course are discovering moments, hours, days, weeks, lifetimes of a peace that passes all understanding.

I see in my work with clients that the integration of our overactive nervous systems that prior to 2012 may have taken years or even decades is now sometimes unfolding in months.

This is especially true with my younger clients who are graced with less conditioning and false beliefs to integrate. I am stunned by the equanimity, kindness, compassion and non-judgmental nature of many of the teens I know. While the intensity can be quite frightening, it is also an unprecedented opportunity for rapid shifts in awareness and love.

I recently returned from a month in Austria visiting my out-laws (former in-laws). For about five weeks during my visit and upon my return, I had extraordinary experiences which included a peace, a sense of well-being, of belonging, of a quiet joy, of homecoming that is both something I have rarely known and yet something so familiar.

I could feel myself get ramped up occasionally wanting more of something pleasurable yet immediately felt the suffering that came with that impulse. I was easily (for the most part) able to let go of the IDEA I needed more and rest in the contentment of what was.

A new age of tenderness, compassion, and love is being heralded despite all appearances to the contrary.

It is all too easy to get lost in the chaos and turmoil of personal and world events. Yet for those with eyes to see a new earth is emerging from the ashes of the destruction of the old.

Those who have chosen to be love revolutionaries are already beginning to inhabiting this new earth which exists simultaneously with the old. I often notice lately I just think of something I desire and it almost magically appears. So many gifts of abundance, kindness, love and connection were and are being offered to me.

For those that can see, the time of miracles is upon us.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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