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Writer’s agenda clear

Russ Steele has escaped! No longer confined to his monthly screed in the Letters page, Russ has interjected his usual crank theories on global warming into the ordinarily benign world of book reviews in three of the last four Prospectors.

The problem with taking Steele’s predictable blather out of the Letters page and putting it into the Prospector is that it ends up imbued with whatever patina of credibility remains to The Union after 30-odd months of Jeff Ackerman columns. Those few readers not already inured to Steele’s steady swill may end up thinking that something legitimate is taking place. It ain’t so. It’s still just Russ Steele, even outside the Letters page.

Failing any semblance of editorial restraint with Russ’s output, perhaps you can substitute some form of shorthand for his weekly shriek? There’s really no need to waste valuable column inches – we know what he’s going to say. Just throw in a small icon of an ostrich with its head in the sand, accompany it with the Russ Steele byline, and the rest of us can make the mental insertion of 200 crackpot words on global warming and/or U.N. incompetence. Then, bring back Adam Kline. He was funny.

Sid Heaton

Nevada City