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What’s going on?

As we continue the process of establishing and maintaining puppet governments in the Middle East, ensuring that the vital flow of oil goes to just the right places, and that the increased cost of fuel will be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure and increasing production for future demands, with a little left over for generous contributions to both political parties, we might pause to consider the words and irony of Will Durant concerning Darius, ruler of Persia (Iraq) about 400 B C.

Durant writes: “It is the fatality of empire to breed repeated war. For the conquered must be periodically reconquered, and the conquerors must keep arts and habits of camp and battlefields; and at any moment the kaleidoscope of change may throw up a new empire (China) to challenge the old. In such situations wars must be invented if they do not arise of their own accord; each generation must be inured by the rigors of campaigns, and taught by practice of sweet decorum of dying for one’s country.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is really going on? Can we really believe our elected leaders? Is there nothing new under the sun?

Clive Bowden

Nevada City