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Unanswered questions

The most striking feature of the July 21 meeting to discuss the Crestview/Smith Interchange was that this whole proposal is upside down and backward. The presenter was well-stocked with facts and figures to display the advantages of Plan A vs. Plan E, how traffic at McKnight will be eased, how the interchange will connect with 49, etc. But the standing-room-only crowd declared – one by one, and to raucous applause – that this interchange is really just pork for the developers of North Star and South Hill, that the taxpayers of Nevada County will get stuck with the $50-plus million tab, that existing traffic needs and problems (like the Dorsey interchange) deserve priority. The other conspicuous feature of this meeting was: half the questions from the audience got answers like “we’re studying that,” “that is outside the scope of this discussion,” “this depends on the EIR findings” … that is to say, no answers at all. If taxpayers are going to put up $50 million for highway “improvements,” they deserve real answers to real questions.

Edith Lufkin

Nevada City