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Traffic solutions?

While reading the Other Voices column by Mayor Tassone (Sept. 24) I could not help but feel a strong tinge of déjá vu. I find it almost humorous that City officials and employees are willing to sit back and take credit for simple, common sense, short-term fixes, nearly all of which were conceived, studied, and recommended to the City as low cost traffic flow improvements by the citizen group CCAT (Citizens Concerned about Traffic) about six months ago.

Why do we even have a planning department? There is no planning whatsoever. They should be getting paid by the developers for the way they present projects to the planning commission and City Council and then cheerlead for their approval. I have never heard them say one negative thing about a development project.

The commission is not much better sometimes seeking small sanctions to make it look good but ultimately rubber stamping a big yes on every application that appears before them, while providing no concrete long term traffic solutions, budgets, or schedules.

Sally Price

Grass Valley