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Traffic and pollution

On the July 28 front page was an article regarding bad air days and residents warned about the worst air quality on record in Grass Valley. What makes bad air is caused by hot air and emissions such as vehicle exhaust, which the NSAQMD and U.S. EPA say can damage trees, crops and lungs. If this week was the worst air quality, just wait until the Northstar and South Hill projects get approved, much against the majority’s wishes. Northstar will have 2,100 new houses, which means at least 4,000 more vehicles around town daily. For a real eye-opener, go to the Friday night street fair in downtown Grass Valley and stop by the CCAT and the Rural Quality Coalition booths for statistics. With all the proposed new developments one should consider renaming Grass Valley to North Roseville, especially when Wal-Mart comes to South Auburn Street by eminent domain.

Gary Pesselt

Grass Valley