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Threat to private roads

If you live on a private road in Nevada County, please pay close attention to the proposed winery ordinance coming before the Planning Commission today. If passed as Nevada County staff has recommended, it would allow unlimited use of private roads for wine tours, educational tours, retail sales by appointment, and promotional and industry activities for the winery without additional funding of the private road or a requirement to make the private road fire safe, even in very high fire districts.

This precedent-setting ordinance could have an enormous impact on residents living on private roads. It would increase liability, traffic, and overburdening of private easements while decreasing safety and quality of life for residents on private roads. What right does Nevada County have to allow these uses without concern for the financial and physical well being of homeowners on private roads? If this ordinance is passed, what other commercial development will Nevada County allow on private roads? Please join me in supporting the property rights of Nevada County residents on private roads by attending tonight’s Planning Commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the BOS meeting room.

Helen Zimmermann

Grass Valley