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The Waldorf method

I was glad to see that the Union reported on Yuba River Charter School’s court victory. However, I was surprised to see quotes from the PLANS group since they have been deemed by a federal court to have no basis for their claims against our school. The court even went so far as to mention them by name and say that they were not experts nor could they produce any evidence for their views. For readers who wish to understand our Waldorf methods charter I would direct them to the school Web site or to a monthly information morning. Your article incorrectly states that anthroposophy is a religion which is the opposite of the court ruling. Lastly, Waldorf education is very rigorous academically and we do teach reading in the lower grades. Last year four of the valedictorians at NU were Yuba River alumni. Our students also enjoy a comprehensive music and orchestra training and foreign language lessons in grades 1-8.

Caleb Buckley

YRCS Director