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The spin machine

The current Republican majority is once again using a PR machine to hide behind as they shamelessly strip more and more resources from the middle and lower classes while feathering their own nests with tax cuts for the wealthy.

This administration spends hundreds of millions of tax dollars spinning the news for an American public so it can hide behind the complexity of today’s events while driving its own agenda of greed and slash-and-burn politics.

We already have more than 50 million Americans who can’t afford or don’t have adequate medical care and yet we go on cutting taxes for the rich and pouring billions down a rat hole in Iraq.

Is this any way to run a country – lowering taxes for the rich, using our military power to ride rough shod over whoever we please and cutting benefits for millions of hard-working Americans?

We need real leadership in this country. This means men and women who demonstrate their care and concern for our citizens by voting with their hearts instead of at the whim of lobbyists and other special interest groups.

Lee Traupel

Penn Valley