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Sheehan is naive

Cindy Sheehan deserves our sympathy for protesting the war in Iraq. She is driven by shallow thinking, emotion, anti-Bush zealots and the exhilaration of notoriety.

Of course, we all want our military back home. But at what consequence? Does she really believe that the people of Iraq can repel the insurgents whose aim is to restore the country to some distorted version of Islam? Once in power, what is there to stop these fanatics from continuing their assault on us and the rest of the world in pursuit of their “religion?” Total reduction of their significance is our sole option.

If it is act of war she condemns, then how does she view the Revolutionary War? Would she have wanted us to tolerate the tyrannical British rule ad infinitum? Or the Civil War? Should slavery have been allowed to continue? Or ignored Pearl Harbor?

If she believes war could always be avoided by negotiation, it fails with the unwilling, or without dire promises of the consequences of failure. When agreement is beyond reach over a great cause, war is the final strategy. This is the ultimate force towards that great cause. There is no alternative but a surrender to the status quo.

Ed Westervelt

Nevada City