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Second revolution?

That serendipitous feeling in the air? A Second American Revolution is coming … against the madness of King George.

His crimes against humanity are so well-known they are the stuff of children’s nursery rhymes – “red ring around the wound, all fall down,” “take away the old man’s food, watch him cry, watch him die.”

He has sacrificed the sons and daughters of the world in his wars of American imperialism and capitalism, their deaths vehicles for Halliburton dollars and zealots for fundamentalism. Doolittle and DeLay, his Black Hooded Inquisitors of Hatred, and, locally, Rick Keene, Bruce Kranz and Alice Dowdin, Doolittle’s punch drunk Emissaries of Evil, will return to their infernal homes.

Taxes for killing will once again be used to improve public schools, taxing the poor and middle class to save the rich will end, complete social nets for the poor and elderly will once again show we are a civilized country. America’s reputation as the world’s greatest benefactor, not killer, will be restored so we no longer need feel ashamed for being Americans. The milk of human kindness is returned to Christianity.

That happy feeling in the air is you can be one of the Second American Revolution’s Founding Fathers.

Jack L. Sanchez