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Sagging poll numbers

Recent polls report many former supporters of President Bush now believe he is doing a poor job (overall approval rating now below 40 percent). It is encouraging to see that more people are seeing past the emotional button pushing, intentional distortions, and outright lies Bush has been using to justify his actions. It is also encouraging to see people with the courage to voice their changing views, even if only to pollsters. These folks are admitting, at least to themselves, that they were wrong to support Bush’s policies.

Acknowledging that an error has been made is the necessary first step toward taking corrective action. Now if only Bush would admit his decision to invade Iraq and send our National Guard troops overseas was a terrible mistake. Only then could a change of policy be initiated that would save the lives of many of the soldiers he so foolishly put in harm’s way for a misguided cause. If enough of us continue to express our dissatisfaction with current policy, Bush’s “bring ’em on” and “stay the course” rhetoric might be abandoned and the search for a real solution could begin.

Ken Schumacher

Grass Valley