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by Greta Schimmel, Nevada Union High School

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"Real Women" Creative Writing Competition – 4th Place

Dan BurkhartSusan Schimmel (left) and Greta Schimmel

Fourth Place

Susan Schimmel

by Greta Schimmel

Nevada Union High School

Susan Schimmel’s Nevada County services began in 1992, when she became a volunteer at Ready Springs School in Penn Valley. She worked selflessly and tirelessly for several years before she began to work in the office as a secretary, helping to ease the most difficult of jobs, often taking on much of the work by herself. Even though I already knew it, this perseverance through trying times proved to others how valuable she was, as well as how important a positive work ethic is. Even if it didn1t make much of an impression on others, it certainly left a lasting imprint on me.

Since then, she has tackled several other immense jobs, the most difficult of which is being the mother of two teen-agers and a grueling, three-year Homeopathic training course while working a mentally and physically taxing dental secretary job to pay for it (not to mention helping to run our church’s youth group). As a result, she has helped to improve the health and lives of others through alternative medicine and relentless dedication, proving once again that such traits as perseverance and dedication are essential to good results when fulfilling goals, no matter how large or small they might be.

Well, she may be a wonderful secretary and homeopath, but she has some other fabulous traits up her sleeve, as well. For example, she is one of the most open-minded people I have ever met, and she drops almost anything instantly to spend time with her children. Most people would not want to admit this about their mothers, but she is undeniably “cool.” She has the same kid energy as her children do but channels it into fun and constructive things, like getting our church youth group together or helping me redecorate my bedroom if it needs it, or planning a road trip vacation. It’s always a new adventure, and it’s never boring. What makes it all even more enchanting is that I am lucky enough to call her mom.