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Out of touch

The Union’s report on cuts to the Gold Country Stage night routes is the latest in the ongoing story of a transportation system that is out of touch with our community’s needs.

Traffic in western Nevada County should be an issue that transit leaders should be focusing on as our population grows. Local streets are already overcrowded and becoming more so every day. Public transit is part of the solution to this problem, a problem that is not going to get any better with the approach being taken by transit officials.

Under Mr. Derrick’s leadership, the Gold Country Stage has made a series of cuts in service and increases in fares. Ridership continues to fall as the Stage becomes less accessible to consumers who rely on the bus for meeting basic activities of daily living.

This is not a time to cut routes. Instead, transit officials should be seeking ways to increase service and ridership. Neighboring counties have shown that working as a community public transit can increase funding, routes and ridership in a way that meets the community’s needs. Mr. Derrick should be held accountable for the decrease in service that has resulted from his administration’s policies.

Jeff Cowen

Grass Valley