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Other Voices: Re-opening mine would be costly gamble for community

In response to Jeff Ackerman’s editorial on re-opening the Idaho-Maryland Mine there are a couple of things he neglected to mention.

The issue isn’t whether the mine will enhance our economy in Nevada County, but more so how much money we could actually lose in our community. Grass Valley has already spent millions of dollars cleaning up the mess left from Newmont Mining Corp.

It’s also a concern that many folks and businesses (like Linear Technology) who contribute greatly to the economy in Nevada County will leave.

Furthermore, I suspect families and retired individuals who are considering moving here will look else where. The benefits of gold prices will only benefit a few and they do not live in Grass Valley.

Is this a gamble we’re willing to take? Is our legacy to become yet another ghost town when the mining company leaves (and they always do).

Ackerman mentioned the impact that Idaho-Maryland Mine will have on the environment in regards to water and noise pollution but he forgot to mention how the increase of over 1,800 trucks and cars per day on our roads will impact the quality of our air not to mention the safety on our roads.

I’m surprised Ackerman instills so much trust in a company (Emgold, who has never mined) to clean up the mess when they leave, when history has taught us otherwise. The DEIR proposes many environmental concerns that cannot be mitigated.

How much more will the environmental destruction of mining cost our community? Till this day we are still paying the cost of former mining in Nevada County. Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?

Ackerman also neglected to mention that Battle Mountain is referred to as the “Arm Pit of America.” That doesn’t sound like a place that would appeal tourists, new businesses, and new residents.

Within one month almost 500 residents have signed the petition to stop the re-opening of Idaho-Maryland Mine. We represent the pioneering spirit that instills innovation and hope for a better future for our community and our families.

There is a strong resistance to the re-opening of the mine. As a mother, I strongly oppose the re-opening of Idaho-Maryland Mine. As a citizen of Nevada County I think we can put our time and efforts into a healthier and more sustainable economy, one that other small towns will aspire to.

Sentimentalists will have us believe that mining is the only answer to renewing our economy. Surely we are smarter than that. What will our legacy be?

Elisa Parker lives in Nevada City.