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Oppose one-party rule

The Senate will most likely soon vote on what the Republicans call the “nuclear option.” This is about radical Republicans grasping for absolute power so they can appoint Supreme Court justices that favor corporate interests and an extreme right agenda over the rest of us. I sincerely urge our Senators to stand up for the centuries of checks and balances that have made this country great and oppose the “nuclear option.”

President Bush got through 204 judges last term – almost 95 percent of those he nominated. So why are the Republicans so desperate to push through the seven that Democrats have resisted?

Because if they pull off the “nuclear option” now, they’ll have unchecked power to put whomever they want on the Supreme Court, with no incentive to pick someone in a bipartisan way that will rule fairly.

Instead, they can use the courts to pay back big donors who have long agitated to roll back worker protections, privacy rights, and other freedoms we have worked so hard to enjoy – all at our expense.

This is not a partisan issue. Ultimately, you don’t even have to oppose Bush’s judges to oppose the “nuclear option.” This is about supporting checks and balances and opposing absolute power in the hands of one party. That, quite simply, is the American way.

Nanci Mason

Grass Valley