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Another real estate office opened (recently) in the Nevada City Historic District, despite the City’s moratorium on first floor office space in storefront locations. The new Network Real Estate owner seems to be expressing best the view of how free enterprise ignores democratic governments and the rule of law; but so does our government as disclosed by the news and federal special investigator looking into the manufactured reason for going to war with a lesser despotic government.

The Bush administration’s moratorium on the science of global warming, describing it as an environmentalist myth, was blown out of the water last weekend as the biggest hurricane in history crashed into Florida from the 90-degree-plus waters of our S.E. oceans. Europe too will wash with suffering this winter. We have been positioned in their Intelligent Design for destruction.

Yet I encourage you, dear reader, to remain vigilant to our natural family of our living earth, to have faith in the strength of your own voice and to use it to protest on every occasion, in the streets, on the phone, and in church, a government and their corporate partners that persist in a moratorium on science and truth.

Buck Stoval

Grass Valley