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Message to liberals

To my fellow liberals: I’d like to see less demonizing of the Right (many of whose core values I agree with) and more examination of institutional changes we could make toward a better-informed public.

The system we now have encourages ignorance – our media, our political campaign system, and the overarching influence of corporate wealth encourage a simplistic, “we’re the good guys, and that’s that” world view. I see our tasks as three-fold:

1) Reverse the protections/preferences offered corporations, and make mergers more difficult. Corporate influence (on policy, on the media) is the fastest-growing cancer affecting our country’s health. Political choices should favor the common good, not the highest bidder.

2) Pass campaign finance laws that limit spending to publicly-financed amounts; there’s already a Clean Campaigns movement afoot in Arizona, Vermont, etc., with encouraging results.

3) Resurrect the Fairness Doctrine we had in the 60s, where media broadcasting views from one end of the spectrum HAD to present opposing views. Remember when media dialogue was civil and reasoned? The Fairness Doctrine would balance extremist, polarizing views of Rush Limbaugh and the like.

There’s nothing to be gained by trashing the Right; there’s much to be gained by ending our institutionalized ignorance.

Diane Miessler

Grass Valley