Limits are important: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 8 |

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Limits are important: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 8

Opponents to Proposition 8 claim that this amendment prejudicially takes away rights. The fact is similar limits already exist. The separation of church and state naturally limits (or takes away) religious teaching rights in public schools. So, where it bumps up against religious views, of course the teaching of gender to young children should likewise be limited. Without such limits, public school teachers seem mandated to teach gender beliefs that resemble a state promoted religion.

Correcting tolerance deficiencies for gay couples in California by redefining the age-honored institution of marriage is a colossal intrusion into hundreds of existing pro-family laws.

In comparison, this is like discovering a small electrical fire in a New York City skyscraper and dowsing the entire building with water. Is life really better when political correctness makes the average family in California feel like their values are being drenched with cold water? Come on, folks, this is America! Here, we can find less intrusive ways to correct existing tolerance problems.Vote “yes” on 8.

Ralph McKnight

Penn Valley

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