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Zimmerman in the right

This letter is in response to the George Zimmerman verdict. Zimmerman was in the right for owning a handgun and in the right for shooting that teenager in self-defense.

The Constitution guarantees everyone the right to bear arms and the right to be secure in your own home. Think about it.

When it comes to protesting in downtown Oakland and elsewhere, NAACP getting signatures from African Americans to file a civil suit against George Zimmerman and his family, and back in 1978 when the affirmative action law was passed to discriminate against white males for women and minorities and putting shame on the American flag and the Holy Cross … Now who are the real racist groups?

Regardless of who we are and what we are, we are all God's children and also Americans to under one nation, under one God. Think about it.

Paul Andrew Pease

Grass Valley

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