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Yuba River Charter School: Not in my backyard

When was the mission statement of the Nevada County planning department trash-canned?

The Yuba River Charter School has decided to build their 23,000-square-foot school in my neighborhood.

We were not informed of their plans until a few weeks ago even though they have owned the property for over two years.

In spite of the following reported problems, this project was passed by all but one member of the planning commission.

Twenty-eight percent increase in traffic in town, down Squirrel Creek Road and Adam Avenue, in addition to the school traffic we already have from Scotten and Gilmore schools.

Severe flooding that will be further aggravated by an inadequate drainage system.

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Sewage concerns for private wells in the area from 300-plus people flushing toilets every day. The noise that a 23,000-square-foot school and 300 students will make.

Our efforts to fight this were too little too late due to the secretive nature of this project.

When concerns of falling property values were brought up, there was a comment from a speaker for the charter school: Well, the houses around there aren't worth much anyway except to the people who own them.

Sharon Patterson

Grass Valley

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