Your tax dollars at work |

Your tax dollars at work

As a commercial real estate broker, I am dumbfounded to read recently in The Union about how much our state government is spending on the CHP and DMV facilities in Grass Valley.

According to The Union, the state is spending $14 million dollars on a 16,800-square-foot facility off McCourtney Road. This equates to a cost of approximately $833 per square foot. Next, we read the DMV is planning construction of a 7,600-square-foot facility adjacent to its current Sutton Road building at a cost of $7.8 million. This equates to a cost of more than $1,000 per square foot! In comparison, similar size/quality existing buildings are selling in the $100-$200/square-foot range, and a new turn-key medical facility (typically the most expensive type of construction) can be constructed today for under $300/square foot (including land cost!) — over 70 percent lower than the planned DMV facility!

Looking at this and the recent cases of state agencies attempting to shield excess funds, perhaps it's time for an "Occupy Government" movement.

Lock Richards

Nevada City

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