Your family may be suited to hosting an exchange student |

Your family may be suited to hosting an exchange student

Many parents do not realize how well suited they might be to hosting an exchange student. Is your family flexible and open to new experiences? Do you eat dinner together? Do you enjoy doing things together? Do you have an extra bed?

Exchange students do not need their own room. They do not need a large house. Many of these students come from countries where smaller dwellings are common. What they need most is a bed and a place to feel welcome, nurtured and safe. Exchange students do not require a high-school-age host sibling. In fact, younger families often have an easier time accommodating an exchange student. Single-parent households can work out fine. Grandparents have been successful host parents, as well.

Families can host for a year, a semester or the four-week summer program. This is an Intensive English Program for Japanese high school students. Students arrive July 21 and leave Aug. 18. They attend class from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and are free on the weekends.

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Joey McCutchan, teacher coordinator

Cultural Homestay International

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