Yet another fee? |

Yet another fee?

Congratulations California, you have done it again. Death to progress, business growth and free enterprise through another tax, or is that a "fee?"

Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, purchases of lumber products and engineered wood products for use in California will be subject to a 1 percent assessment based on the selling price of the products. Yes, another fee, just like the fire tax fee, for the unsuspecting public to absorb, once again, to keep filling the general fund for the politicians to spend.

Funny how the "fee" voted and passed by our legislature is collected by the State Board of Equalization. So beware because as of Jan. 1, retailers selling lumber products and engineered wood products (like lumber for your new house or addition, fence posts, fence boards, roofing, sidin, or decking) will be required to charge and collect the 1 percent assessment and must separately state the amount on the sales receipt. Fees, taxes and regulations are driving hard-working taxpayers and business owners out of California.

What's the saying? Happy New Year? Only in Sacramento.

Karen Henderson

Grass Valley

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