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Yes on Prop. 37

Dow Corporation and Monsanto have spent millions of dollars fighting against GMO labeling because bigger profits are at stake.

It is everyone's right to know what's in the food we are buying, to know it is GMO or industry-altered food that you and your family are swallowing.

Monsanto's former attorney, Mike Taylor, is currently assistant to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, another reason why Monsanto profits from bovine growth hormones, aspartame, GMOs (herbicides, pesticides, DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs), especially corn and soy GMO's that are found in increasing numbers of foods throughout the U.S. marketplace. There are serious reasons why multiple countries around the world not only demand GMO labeling, but banned GMOs completely.

The first long-term French study reveals GMOs cause tumors, liver and kidney disease in rats. Although three letters, GMO added to packaging is not proven to be consumer costly. What's the worry while most people reading GMO labeling won't buy it anyway. Exactly — this is what Monsanto and Dow Chemical are worried about, not health, but the loss of profits, billions in profits.

For the first time, Californians have this amazing opportunity to stop industries from secretly polluting our food with toxins. Yes, on Prop 37.

Gail Elbek

Santa Barbara