Yes on prop 37 |

Yes on prop 37

For those who have allergies, we often see labels on foods like "gluten free" or "low salt" or "lactose free." Do these labels inflate the price of these foods? Hardly.

These label are there for the consumer to make an informed choice. That is what makes capitalism work, informed choice. It is only reasonable to inform the buyer as to what he or she is buying.

If GMOs are desirable then certainly the producers of their product should be proud of their product and would want everyone to know where their product is so the buyers who want to eat GMO foods will know which food to buy. Instead they want to hide this information from the buyer, almost as if to be ashamed of their product.

Whatever the motives of the anti-labeling campaign are, we can only guess, but certainly we consumers have a right to know so we can make an informed choice. Free choice is what capitalism is all about.

Yes on Prop 37.

Marston Schultz

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