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Yes on 30

I teach English at Bitney College Prep, a free public charter high school. Because charter schools have to pay rent in addition to their other costs, salaries and benefits are reduced — I work without health care, for instance.

Like every other teacher and administrator at the school, I'm paid very little — my salary's $2,100 a month, take home. I'm not a union member, not a politician.

If Proposition 30 doesn't pass, every public school in this county faces yet another round of deep cuts. Every school. The big schools, the small. The one you graduated from. The ones your children and grandchildren attend. Once, maybe, there was a little fat in school budgets — an extra administrator, a poor teacher on the top of the salary scale, something like that. But those days have been gone for a long, long time.

Prop. 30 proposes a small tax hike for couples making a half-million or more, and a small sales tax hike for all of us. Please — invest in education. This isn't some political game we're talking about. Real students, in my classroom and thousands of others, want the same advantages you had. Vote "yes" on 30.

Scott V. Young

Nevada City

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