Yes, Obama won |

Yes, Obama won

Regarding the recent letter by Ed Westervelt, "So Obama won," the ideological Obama haters will stop at nothing to delegitimize his election. It's not possible that Obama's programs, accomplishments and personal appeal triumphed over the bland, shape-shifter, elitist Romney. Oh, no, it had to be voter fraud.

Let's ignore the legions of attorneys on both sides who monitored the polls or the hot lines set up to point a finger at fraud. Let's instead, accept Ed Westervelt's opinion. I especially enjoyed his powerful phrasing to make his point: "more likely," "there may have been some mischief," "there may be something more significant," "does it make sense" and my all-time favorite, "one might surmise."

No, Mr. Westervelt, one does not surmise and, therefore, dismiss the vote of the American people in service to ideological hatred of the president. This is a democracy; get over it!

Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Grass Valley

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