Yes, America, there is a God |

Yes, America, there is a God

America has slowly moved away from the principles and beliefs it was founded on and has been edging God out (EGO).

This is a nation of skepticism in an unbelieving age. America is becoming a Godless nation. If you doubt that, set your electronic gadgets down and look at what people are doing to each other: Killing innocent children; setting puppies on fire; murdering over a spilled beverage; home invasions; child pornography; snuff films; gang rape; elder and child abuse.

Americans have lost respect for life, and for each other. Some say because of the acts of man there is no God. As sure as there is air, there is a God.

You cannot see Him but that is not proof He doesn't exist. Humans believe in many things they cannot see, feel or hear, yet they dismiss the idea of an unseen God.

Some say if God exists He wouldn't allow horror to abound. It is, however, the absence of God in daily life that creates these atrocities. Remove God from a soul and the very springs of life cease to flow.

America has taken God from government, schools and public display, leaving a void ebbing with hate, despair, hopelessness and fear.

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Yes, America, there is a God. He abides in hearts filled with love and respect. His signature is in the art of nature. His voice is in the oceans roar. His touch is in the gentle breeze. America let's begin to mitigate with God.

Jodi McDonald

Grass Valley

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