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WM truck or assault weapon?

I live close to the McCourtney Road Transfer Station. I hope change can take place to move this facility.

Recently McCourtney Road was closed for three and a half hours due to a new type of assault weapon (Waste Management Garbage Semi Truck). This is an attack on our neighborhood. Luckily, this was a solo accident this time. We see cars and bicyclists riding on this two-lane winding road that was not designed for semitrucks.

Any expansion of the McCourtney Road Transfer Station will make tragic accidents more prevalent. It is like Russian roulette, it is only a matter of time. Any future injuries or loss of life will be on the hands of Waste Management and County leaders who continue to allow these vehicles on McCourtney Road. Bicyclists will look at the damage on the road for a long time. This entire fiasco is an example of experienced leadership at its finest! Yee haw.

If you are a cyclist riding on McCourtney Road and you see a semitruck sailing at you over your left shoulder all the flying lessons you took will come to fruition!

Good luck in court. I am Raymond Herve and I approve this message.

Raymond Herve

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