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Witness to accident sought

I was hit Aug. 9, 2013 on my motorcycle at the corner of Greenhorn and Brunswick roads. There were many witnesses and many were incredibly helpful.

Although I did not experience any serious injury, one of the first persons on the scene was a paramedic who told me to lie still and not move anything until the paramedics arrived. I followed his instructions and the instructions of all the medical and fire personnel and was transported to Sierra Nevada and later released. I did not have the opportunity to get the names of any of the witnesses at the scene, however, I met a man at the post office who asked if I was the individual involved in the motorcycle accident three days earlier. I said I was, and he described the scene and gave me his name and phone number. He stated that the woman driving the pickup truck got out of her truck on her cell phone and said to him, "I'm so sorry. I didn't even see him."

This man has given the same statement to both my insurance company and the insurer of the woman driving the pickup. This man also gave a statement to the California Highway Patrol at the scene. Subsequently, however, the CHP report does not accurately reflect his statement and states that I was in violation of failure to yield to the vehicle on the right.

I am desperately seeking the driver of a black pickup truck who was on Brunswick in the left hand turn lane next to the woman who hit me. He did not move and would be the only one who could accurately describe the incident. His name was not included in the CHP report and I have no idea whether he stuck around to give a statement or simple left the scene.

Any assistance that you can be in locating this individual or anyone who witnessed the accident would be appreciated. Please call 530-263-6275.

Maury Horn

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