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Without God, evil persists

The horrible massacre at Newtown, Conn., school shocked the nation.

People everywhere prayed for the victims and their families. Even President Obama traveled to Newtown to meet with the families of the victims. He later spoke at an interfaith service.

To a question: Why can such a tragedy happen?

Best explanation came from Gov. Dannel Malloy: "Evil visited this community today!" Many people asked: What leads to such evil?

Since American atheists forced God out of public schools by threatening lawsuits, even against private prayer in classroom and against any symbol of Christian faith, students were deprived the moral support and guidance for responsible life. Such intimidation created an empty vacuum.

Evil is eager to fill it. Our education system is void of any moral principles that are based on Christian teaching of Love and respect for dignity of every human being, be it a child or an old man or the unborn.

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A lesson from the Newtown tragedy: God's commandments are the best rule for any orderly society.

Only return to Christian culture can save our country.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

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