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Wise words, indeed

I am not sure if I can find the words that adequately describe my reaction to Otto Haueisen's, March 12 guest column regarding the sad matter of suicide.

I've read it several times and each time I ended with some tears. His comments and advice were so simply put — right from his heart, showing his understanding and deep compassion.

There have been four instances in my life when I have had a connection to someone's suicide. The most difficult was in 1951. I was 15 years old and my father succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. I was the last one to see him. My mother asked, "How could he do this to us?" My response was, "I think that maybe Daddy thought that we were better off without him." We desperately want to know what were their thoughts that caused them to decide to end their lives. We cannot know, at least not while we are on this earth. Only God knows and God also gives us free will to make our own choices.

The oft-asked question is "Why? Why? Why?" We try hard to come up with some kinds of answers and wonder "What did we miss?" "How could we have helped?" Unfortunately, in those days there were no support groups for these troubled individuals nor for their grieving families. In addition to the resources mentioned, help can often be found at a place of worship.

Thank you, Mr. Haueisen, for your succinctly and thoughtfully written piece. I am sure that it was taken to heart by many.

Yes, "This too shall pass."

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