Winners are? Fran and Terry |

Winners are? Fran and Terry

After listening to the candidates for county supervisor answer questions, I concluded that Fran Cole and Terry Lamphier are the people to vote for. Here's how the candidates came across to me.

Hank Weston appears to be a sweet, lovable guy. Hank told us how he has reacted to various crisis situations that have faced the county. However, as Fran pointed out, we need a board that is proactive, not reactive. Hank has served eight years. I think eight years is enough.

Dan Miller told us that he has lived in the area for over 60 years and has served a total of 16 years on the Grass Valley City Council. My take on his "years of experience" is years of doing the same old thing over and over again. I live in Grass Valley and here's what "years" of doing the same thing means to me — the road in my neighborhood is full of potholes and is eroding away. What does the city do under Dan's command? Nothing! We don't need more years of the same.

Fran Cole presented a vibrant vision for how our county government should be run. She is not an old-timer who has been around forever. Fran thinks that we need a board that is proactive, not reactive.

Terry Lamphier is just one smart, practical guy with a great sense of humor. He has no problem with smart growth but is dead set against dumb growth. Dumb growth, in Terry's opinion, is taking an area zoned for businesses that would create good-paying jobs and downgrading that zoning to allow redundant businesses — businesses that are low paying and compete with other established retail businesses.

Let Terry keep doing a great job, and put Fran on the board to help him.

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