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Will there be another ‘Greatest Generation?’

The delightful tribute to John Landry written by Dick Fay on your Feb. 5 opinion page caught my attention. Thank you, Dick, for introducing us to an American role model.

The man Dick eloquently described was a man who exemplified the traits that once defined "an American." Americans with freedom and rugged individualism once gave hope to the entire world. John Landry, according to the article, was a man with personal strength of character, a man who loved God, family and friends. He was a man whose patriotism and willingness to die for freedom and liberty were combined with entrepreneurship and self-reliance. He belonged to the "Greatest Generation!"

Today I pray for the arrival of the next "Greatest Generation." Where is it? When will it come? How did America lose that self-reliance? From where did many Americans get their entitlement mentality? How did we become a dependent, debtor people, and why do we continue to perpetuate these weaknesses in our country? The loss of John Landry is a greater loss than that of a dear friend and neighbor … it is the loss of an America that he represented. I wish I had known him.

Charle Lennon

Nevada City

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