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Wildlife caged for urine collection

Recently while waiting in the airport for my plane to depart, I treated myself to a copy of Fine Gardening (February, 2013 edition) magazine. I'm an avid gardener, so this was really a treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

As I turned the pages, an article caught my eye regarding — of all things — "coyote urine," which is used to keep wildlife away from your garden. The magazine conducted research to find out just how do the companies that sell such products "collect" what they "bottle?"

Did you know the company they interviewed uses captured wildlife that is caged for life in order to obtain this "merchandise?" They use special grids in the cages to collect the urine. The Fine Gardening staff tried to find out if these animals were even released periodically for "exercise." This particular company couldn't even verify if they were.

When does it end? Animals have no voice unless we speak up for them. No animal should be caged or mistreated. Now we know where this product comes from. I hope you will not purchase such a product.

Melinda Bergquist

Penn Valley

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