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Why the case against Dr. Bigelsen is important

Last March 20, Dr. Bigelsen's clinic was shut down by investigators for the California Medical Board. When the doctor called the police for help, they came — and supported the investigators. Thus, the 72-year-old doctor lost his practice, his home and his livelihood.

Guilty until proven innocent appears to be the process he is undergoing. I always thought it was the other way around.

Who knew?

Why is this so important? First, it is a critical case, because it will impact the practice of all holistic practitioners. The issues involved will affect all of us who choose alternative health options.

He is accused of practicing medicine without a license. As a certified trained physician, he served in Vietnam (he was the officer in charge of mass casualties), he co-authored the Arizona "Homeopathic Medical Practice Act" which allowed "out of the box" alternative practitioners who were persecuted to have a place where they can practice free from the AMA. He also legally defined the term "holistic" in the United States. In addition to all of this, he has written four books, healed people, reduced and eliminated their pain and so much more!

The irony of the accusation that he is practicing medicine, is that he relinquished his medical license many years ago, and has since written a book on why allopathic medicine is dangerous! Does this sound like someone who would be practicing medicine?

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If Dr. B, with his lifetime of experience in the healing arts, his credentials and his successes can be persecuted, then I suggest anyone practicing any healing art outside the limits of the AMA should run for the hills! Oops, we are in the hills!

This is why this case is critical to our health and welfare in Nevada County, and elsewhere. Please consider a donation to offset the legal and living costs he must sustain. Go to GoFundMe.com and follow this case.

Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg

Grass Valley

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