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Why send school project through planning commission a third time?

I am at a loss to comprehend the Nevada County board of supervisors' decision to return the Yuba River Charter School project back to the planning commission for a third time (after two prior approvals).

The process that led to approval of this project has been nothing if not thorough and transparent. What is the point of process if it cannot withstand the threat of a lawsuit?

I am dismayed that the supervisors would jeopardize this infusion of state and federal money into our county — not to mention the opportunity to finally clean up the toxic former dump site on Adam Avenue at no cost to the county. From an environmental perspective alone, these are dubious "friends" of Squirrel Creek.

YRCS is a model neighbor — just ask the residents of downtown Nevada City who would love to keep a thriving neighborhood school at the former Nevada City Elementary site. YRCS is a 20-year-old school with hundreds of happy (and voting) alumni families — my own included.

I urge the supervisors in the strongest possible terms to streamline this latest appeal so that this excellent project can proceed with haste.

Please consider your responsibility to the entire community.

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Jane Sellen

Nevada City

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