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Why doesn’t NID settle with Sunsmile Farms?

We have been avid pickers of fruit and berries at Sunsmile Farms, off Rough and Ready Highway, for years. We could not contact them so drove out there the other day and spoke briefly with George Loftus, owner of Sunsmile Farms. We learned that the situation had not yet been resolved between Sunsmile and NID.

As I recall, about two years ago, there was a dispute between Sunsmile Farms and NID regarding responsibility for a broken section of irrigation pipe, which prevented Sunsmile from properly irrigating its orchards and vegetable areas. As a result, Sunsmile lost a lot of its orchards, all of its cherries and vegetable planting areas … a huge loss. Eventually, Sunsmile proved that the pipeline section was the responsibility of NID, and apparently NID acknowledged that fact.

By not stepping up to the plate and proposing a settlement, NID is causing Sunsmile to continue suffering financially by not resolving the situation. Why doesn't NID act in a responsible manner to resolve this situation?

Joe Vielbig

Grass Valley

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