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Whose freedom is being tread on?

If we are treading on Nancy Eubanks' freedom ("Don't Let Your Freedom Tread On Me," Aug. 4)., we would be happy to stop if she would do the same for others. How have we stepped on her reproductive freedom and freedom from religion?

Birth control products and abortions are certainly available. The issue is who will be forced to pay for these choices. The answer is she should pay for her own free choices. After all, she makes a strong point for women having advanced in the job market so why is it a "war on women" to ask them to pay for their own birth control and abortions, both of which are legal in our country.

Regarding the Hobby Lobby decision, Eubanks' facts are not correct. They did not deny birth control coverage for the majority of products that were covered, but only four products that resulted in the abortion of a fertilized egg. The company is still required to pay for birth control even though it is against their religious principles.

So I must ask, just whose freedom is being tread on here? We will have to live with choices that are counter to our religious beliefs, but do we have to pay for them too?

Nancy Garcia

Grass Valley

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