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Who told National Parks to ‘make life difficult?’

It will be harder than ever for our progressive neighbors to deny that platoons of federal agency workers are just a phone call away from reverting to local units of government goons. Recall that these people are in jobs of last resort. They would not be hired by anyone in the private sector. They are utterly loyal to the only hand that will feed them. And the beast reveals itself more with every passing month and opportunity.

Of all the reports coming in about the conduct of federal agencies during this government shutdown, the editorial "The Park Police" in the Oct. 21 Weekly Standard is most revealing of what we are really dealing with. No surprise then that one park ranger explained to the Washington Times last week, "We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can."

The first question that comes to mind is: "Who did the telling?" But my more urgent question is: "Where in hell are the local county sheriffs when the federal government straps on their brown shirts and jack boots?"

George Rebane

Nevada City