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Who is Romney, really?

Having paid attention to this election including the Republican primaries I am wondering if anyone can tell who Romney would be if he won the election?

He has fully supported the whole Republican platform including getting rid of Obama Care (a close copy of Romney Care), getting rid of any support for Planned Parenthood, restricting women in their health-care options and a plethora of other conservative ideas. At the last debate, he all but kissed Obama and stated that he was of the same mind as the president on most issues, while during the Republican primaries he called Obama everything short of calling him as stupid as a bag of hammers.

Is he a conservative moving to the center to get elected or is he a moderate (who created Romney Care) being conservative to get the Tea Party vote?

I fail to see why any woman would vote for a party that seems to be obsessed with controlling women's sexual/medical issues. What would happen if the men of this country were told by a group of uptight, white, ultra religious women that they would have to get permission from someone to get contraception or have to go to court to have a vasectomy or be required to have internal rectal ultrasounds to get erectile dysfunction medications? The men would flip out.

Why when the Republicans demand a smaller less intrusive government do they demand that women have the most personal of medical decisions be OK'd by someone other than their doctor? Why is the lost war on drugs not even discussed?

Paul T. Woods

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