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Where’s the public campaign on the drought?

Where's the public campaign on the drought?

Is California experiencing a drought? The landscape is green and well-manicured along Douglas Blvd. between I-80 and Sierra College Blvd. in Roseville. Properties lining old Hwy. 40 from Roseville to Auburn display beautiful lawns, too. I guess California isn't in a drought.

I attended the NID Water Summit at Nevada Union's Don Baggett Theater. The event was very well done and provided adequate information about NID and the challenges it faces maintaining water supply and delivery. For many in the half-filled theater, the information wasn't new news and proposed solutions have been considered for a while. During the public comment period the question came up about promoting a water conservation education campaign. Facilitating the comment period, NID board president John Drew would not address the question. Is NID going to engage a water conservation campaign?

I guess California really isn't experiencing a drought.

The drought in the 1970s inspired an aggressive public campaign and many of the water conservation practices adopted as a result have long been the norm. Our family is no exception so when scientists admitted last year that California was in a drought we re-evaluated our water use practices and took some added steps to cut back and reclaim and reuse water. Our new practices are bit of a pain. The chilling response to the suggestion of a public conservation campaign at the NID Water Summit left me wondering if we've been duped into conserving so others don't have to. Where's the state and local public in your face urgent water conservation campaign?

I guess California definitely isn't experiencing drought.

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