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Where is the respect for our history?

As a tourist visiting your town, I was impressed with the many historic homes and other sites. The pioneers worked so hard and left such a legacy to this day that it is the driving force in your community from 150 years ago.

What a treasure there is in this history, and I was shocked to see the destruction of the headstones and the fencing around the grave sites in the Old St. Patrick's cemetery at the corner of Chapel and South Church streets. Those headstones tell us who these pioneers were, their ages, places of birth, some of their history and the love of their families.

Survival was very difficult, and yet the families raised the money to have the headstones carved for their beloveds. Where is the respect for these people? Were those that did this damage caught? Was there a bounty put on them? Did the neighbors report the noise from this destruction of our history?

There seems to be no effort to repair this sacred site. Your citizens are stewards of our history. Where is the city, the chamber of commerce, the business community, church groups, youth groups, school classes and fundraising events? Isn't there a community leader who could direct the fundraising? How do your good citizens sit by and do nothing?

This is a challenge to all of your churches to join together to correct this terrible insult to our ancestors. Do you treat the historic homes and other sites in this same manner? This is an example of the deterioration of our society, and it is right in your little town.

Ray Waldsmith

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McCall, Idaho

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