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Where is the outrage?

The White House, the "House of the People," has been closed … in spite, I think!

"I'll show you who is in charge and I have the power to forbid entrance." Why are "the folks" not incensed that the "House of the People" has been kept open since the early days of our republic for all Americans, and now it is not? And how much money has been saved by its closing? Would it not be better to cancel the bionic squirrel research or the snow cone machine for the Dept. of Homeland Security? How about the many trips that governmental officials take at the expense of the taxpayers? How many other "necessary programs" could be cut?

Why are we rarely consulted when over-bloated U.S. and California governmental agencies make decisions that are not good for us? Our children, our future voting citizens, need to take pride in and know about "the House of the People." When do we wake up and get angry at what the government wants to do to our country?

Suzanne Rutlin

Grass Valley

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