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Where is the outrage?

Why is no one asking pertinent questions about the tragedy perpetrated on Americans in Benghazi?

Almost 11 weeks since Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered. Thirteen weeks and only a few in the blogosphere are asking any truly relevant questions. It's been reported that the ambassador sent many emails, detailing his concern for the safety of his team as well as for himself. Who responded or didn't respond to those emails?

With all the demonstrations breaking out in the region, why did the ambassador make the decision to stay in Benghazi? Whom did he meet with in the late afternoon? And who was in the Situation Room at the White House, watching in real time the conflagration in front of their eyes? Whoever was there had a front row seat to hell. And who gave the stand down order that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, the two brave SEALs ignored? Both men ultimately were killed in the process of trying to save people in the CIA safe house and consulate.

If this had been a Republican incident, the press would have been crawling all over it like a prisoner being allowed a conjugal visit after a year in lock up.

The Fourth Estate is shameful. When they go home at night, my bet is they put their feet up, slip a martini and say, "Ah, now I can rest. A day well spent."

At dinner with their families, likely they purr, "You can be proud of me tonight. I protected the president with the clever spins of tales about what is going on in the world. I wove stories that tamped down the truth. After all, the government knows best. If government agency heads think the actual facts about what happened to our ambassador should be made public, in all their wisdom, certainly they would put out those facts. We must trust their decisions."

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The press is an accessory to murder. And the American people are going along.

The holiday season is up and running, distracting us with all the glitz and chaos. In the White House, the pomp is in full swing. Fifty-four Christmas trees, excessive menus and music. Soon the president and the first family will wing off to Hawaii. Aloha! And what did the media present the president with for his Christmas gift? A pair of skates, and he has used them well. He's skated on this brutal, crushing, abhorrent incident in Libya.

Outrage foams from the mouths of our politicians on both sides over the "Fiscal Cliff." In the meantime, murder is overlooked.

Elizabeth Appell lives in Nevada County and Marin County.

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