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Where is the courage?

My response to Dr. Streicher's "Chickens trapped in a cage" is that he is chicken.

While I agree with his argument about fear and greed vs. courage, where is his courage? He complains about the macro issues of corporate greed … "Wall Street Pocketbook" outsourcing jobs to China. Then he complains about the micro issue of "the official puppets of the rich," i.e. politicians.

The only recommendation he makes is that Americans must "break away from a fixation on materialism." If I read it right, he wants capitalism to continue to be restrained, which will weaken growth even more. The same goes for reducing consumption (materialism), which is just 70 percent of our economy. Sure sounds like our job losses will be greater than China's.

Americans should stop relying upon leaders and rely more upon our own strengths. That's what a republic is! The doctor gave not one example of how we should exercise our courage … no courage there.

I have written much about how Americans should exercise courage to fix our economy before we end up like Europe and Japan, mortgaging our children's future even more. It doesn't sell, and the media is afraid to print it!

It takes no courage to complain without action. It takes no courage to print it either. I will be shocked if you ever read this!

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