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Where art thou, Parks & Rec?

Let me live in a house by the side of the trail

In solitude sublime

Where I am the master of all I survey,

Protected from squalor and crime.

Half-naked tourists with horses and dogs

Closing in on my privacy

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Binoculars probing — are they reading my thoughts?

Are they watching the birds — or me?

The moat in my backyard is under attack

A horde of teenagers approaching

I hear racers on bicycles hollering back

Oh the cold cruel world is approaching

Oh save us from visions of vandals and bums

Depositing garbage and glass

And young couples tasting the fruits of true love

And leaving the skins on my grass.

Oh where is the comfort of just being rich

When strangers upset what I plan?

Let me live in a house by the side of the trail

And be a fiend to man.

Having ridden the hiking and horse trails of Nevada and Placer Counties

for 20 years, and the Tevis 100-miler 10 times, I support all measures

integrating riding/hiking trails, and establishment of a now

non-existent Parks & Rec district in Nevada County.

Jack Meeks

Penn Valley

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