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What’s the real agenda behind gun laws?

I wonder if anyone has heard of the school killings that took place on Nov. 30, 2012, in Casper, Wyo., less than two weeks before the Connecticut shootings occurred?

It wouldn't surprise me to find that very few people in our small community or otherwise are aware of this case. It wasn't sensationalized across the media and it didn't evoke legislative outcry. But why didn't the killing of three people at a small community college make national attention? Because the killings didn't involve guns. Rather, the first victim was stabbed to death, the second was killed with a compound bow and arrow, and the third — the killer — ended his own life by gouging himself with a knife.

Are restrictive, unconstitutional gun laws really an effective universal remedy for reducing violence or are they really about galvanizing bureaucratic sovereignty?

Lori Nunnink


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