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What’s the motive for ban on RC aircraft?

To the attorney who seems to think all radio-controlled aircraft must have cameras pointed at her, I ask: What is your motive?

Is it to be able to hide something like too many pot plants growing in a backyard? A meth lab maybe? Or an unpermitted structure or pool? Think about this … if your law goes into effect, I just may get one of the above because you won't allow anyone to look over my fence to bust me.

Or is it to get your name on the front page of the paper? If so, I have a suggestion of how to better get your name printed. Old man Bush, right after 9/11, said in a speech a line that suspended the Constitution of the U.S. Some say that the Constitution has been suspended since 1933. Look into this, fix it and you would be a hero for the entire U.S. not just a hero to paranoid pot growers in Nevada County.

Another thing — please show me, us, where you get the right to privacy outside your home. It's not in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, nor is it in any of the remaining amendments. I checked.

Your perceived privacy rights are flawed and cannot in any way be used to take away my or anyone's right to the pursuit of happiness. You should know this. I fly and will continue to fly RC in Nevada County.

Wayne Young

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